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Latte Art & Barista Tools


Barista and Espresso Tools

We offer a range of measuring tools and precision accessories for baristas who are in search of the perfect espresso shot. Check out our coffee measuring spoon, cupping spoon, espresso shot timer, coffee scales or the calibrated shot glass for single or double shots of espresso and ristretto.

How to make the perfect espresso shot?



Portion of ground coffee

7 g / 0.25oz

Exit temperature of water from unit

88 °C / 190 °F

Temperature in cup

67 °C / 153 °F

Entry water pressure

9 bar / 131 psi

Percolation time

25 seconds

Volume in cup (including froth)

25 mL / 0.85 oz

Barista and Espresso Tools

Although these parts were primarily designed and created for professional cupping or barista competitions, coffee bars, restaurants and general commercial use, any enthusiastic home barista will find them similarly practical, useful and appealing.

Latte Art & Barista Tools

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