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About JoeFrex

 about-us.jpgLike many other enterprises, concept-art started out as a personal hobby, a passion rather – and even in a completely different field. Early on in his life, founder Jörg F. Rexroth developed exceptional manual and conceptual skills as a craftsman and DIY enthusiast. He spent hours in his modest workshop in the basement, conceiving and fabricating a wide variety of objects like light fixtures, shelves, decorative elements etc. He preferred unusual materials, techniques and shapes, and the style and concept of these early designs demonstrated an astonishing originality and vision. Word of mouth through family and friends generated an ever increasing demand for his unique furniture creations, and as a result he established a proper workshop in 1990. During this time he also obtained a university degree as industrial engineer, “on the side”, but in his heart he always remained the practitioner, the hands-on type.

A turning point came in 1996, when a friend asked him if he could build for him a knockbox to go with his espresso machine. Yes, he could. Again, word spread of his new creation, and Jörg realised soon that a growing market for such accessories and espresso-related products existed out there. He decided to specialise in this underdeveloped field. Apart from different versions of his original knockbox, additional high quality products like espresso tampers, drawer bases, tamping stations and barista tools, mostly of his own design, expanded his exclusive product range. He established this new venture gradually and cautiously but with determination, cleverly responding to changing demands and new developments. Highest standards with regard to product quality and originality of design have always remained his priorities.

By 2006 his fledgling business had become so successful that Jörg, as the next logical step, created his company concept-art, with a dynamic team of collaborators. Since then, Concept-Art has become a household name with coffee lovers, baristas and professionals in the food and catering industry, even in many foreign countries. National and international clients alike appreciate Rexroth’s unwavering commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction – as well as his friendly nature and his open ear for feedback and suggestions.

True to his origins as a creative inventor, Jörg is still constantly developing and exploring new ideas, concepts and designs.

As part of this continuous quest and dedicated commitment to innovation, an updated company identity has recently been created under the new brand name [JoeFrex], which is intended to represent and epitomise all the traditional values and business principles of his company in order to boldly and uncompromisingly convey them into the future.

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